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Industry None

Date Feb. 8, 2024

Duration 1 day

Location Istanbul, Turkey

Steel Scrap 2024



Ferrous scrap markets have seen significant disruption in recent years due to the Covid pandemic, trade restrictions and Ukraine war. Numerous blast furnace-based mills, especially in Europe, are meanwhile converting to the direct reduced iron-electric arc furnace route, where DRI produced using hydrogen is sure to be supplemented with scrap as EAF feedstock. In the meantime, however, BF mills will increase their use of scrap as a fast way of reducing carbon emissions, thereby tightening the market and keeping prices elevated. India is moreover likely to require more scrap going forward, firmly cementing itself as challenger to Turkish mills for global supply.

Alongside scrap, the growth in consumption of low- or zero-emission, hydrogen-reduced ore-based metallics – direct reduced iron and hot-briquetted iron – is likely to accelerate as a result of decarbonisation. As more production capacity is built, the long-standing issue of insufficient high-grade iron ore pellet feedstock availability will need to be resolved once and for all.

Steel Scrap 2024 will aim to discuss all of these issues in detail and provide steel participants from the whole supply chain with a unique opportunity to come together and discuss global scrap, DRI and HBI market trends.

Key Questions:

  • Are Turkish imports still the global scrap market maker?
  • Will China ramp-up scrap imports? Will it ever enter the export market?
  • How is India’s increasing scrap import demand shaping the market?
  • How would global trade be affected by scrap export restrictions in the largest supplier, the EU?
  • How do increasing energy costs in some regions, including Turkey, impact scrap business?
  • How can technology advancements prepare scrap supply for future low-emission demand?
  • To what extent will steelmaking electrification change trade patterns?
  • Is resource nationalism inevitable?
  • How will scrap prices chart over 2023 and where are they heading in 2024?



Steel Scrap 2024 conference will take place at the luxurious Ciragan Palace Kempinski

Address: Ciragan Palace Kempinski - Yıldız, Çırağan Cd. No:32, 34349 Beşiktaş/İstanbul, Türkiye

Click here to view the venue location on a map.

*Please book your room directly with the hotel at your earliest convenience. We suggest booking early to avoid disappointment.




Event Partners

The Recycling Association of Africa (RAA)

The Recycling Association of Africa (RAA) is a non-profit association that works with a coalition of recycling professionals from government, business, educational institutions, and other non-profit organizations to promote waste reduction, reusing, reducing and recycling end of life material in Africa. Advocating for preservation of natural resources and utilizing urban mines before having to utilize underground mines. Promoting forestation and decarbonization which leads to reduction in global warming. Ultimately, leading to environmental and Socioeconomic Sustainability.

RAA takes pride in promoting sound recycling practices throughout Africa as well as supporting the African economy in building bridges through out the Middle-East Europe and the globe.




MRAI International is India's biggest material recycling conference. With more than 980 delegates & 44 exhibitors representing the #RecyclingIndustry

In Indian Recycling firmament, the Association could boast of a variegated history of growth within a short span of less than a decade.

Started off as Metal Recycling Association of India, in 2011, the industry body of metal industry stakeholders metamorphosized into a full-blown trade body at the instance of Government, which directed it to embrace and extend the benefits of its benevolent actions all recycling and recyclable commodity stakeholders, not limiting them to the metal sector alone.



MESTEEL is a Middle East b2b steel portal, providing buyers and sellers with, an in-depth database, steel offers, inquiries, news, jobs, information, events.

Steel Exporters' Association​

Steel Exporters' Association is a non-profit business organization of more than 1250 companies representing the largest steel producers and exporters in the Turkish steel industry. It carries on its operations with the aim of increasing the export potential of the Turkish steel industry and paves the way for Turkish steel producers/exporters, with main objective to foster and attain sustainable global steel market based on free and fair trade. The Association also solves the problems of its member companies face at home and abroad, provides contact between members and foreign importers in order to ease the export processes, serves up-to-date domestic and global market news, reports and analyses. 





Since its establishment in 1928, NASS has been successfully working to promote the interests of steel service centres throughout the UK. NASS is the only trade association covering the whole of the UK steel stockholding industry. NASS members supply steel to UK manufacturing and are a vital link in the supply chain from producer to customer, handling some 8 million tonnes of steel a year, principally to the construction, automotive and engineering industries.

GMK Center

GMK Center is a think-tank and consulting company with focus on CIS iron&steel sector. GMK Center offers comprehensive consulting services and industrial expertise, together with partners World Steel Dynamics (US) and Horst Wiesinger Consulting (Austria). GMK Center works with all key players in Ukraine – Metinvest, Interpipe, Ferrexpo, ArcelorMittal Kryviy Rih, DCH Steel, Centravis. Also, GMK Center highlights the main events and trends in steelmaking industry through the web-portal GMK Center is a communication platform as well, organizing forums, round tables and meetings for market participants.




Rate Per Person
Early Bird (Book & pay by 10th January 2024) €800
Full Price (from 11th January 2024) €900


Group Bookings

For group bookings of 3 or more delegates:

Group Booking Rates for 3+ delegates Per Person
Early Bird (Book & pay by 10th January 2024) €650
Full Price (from 11th January 2024) €750



What's included?

Delegate rate includes:

  • Full area access conference pass
  • Presentations download
  • Event app - full interactive delegate list, complimentary reports, polls, live Q&A and more!
  • Networking sessions
  • Interactive panel session
  • Buffet lunch
  • Coffee breaks

The Steel Scrap 2024 conference programme is below.

  • 09:30-10:45

    Session 1: Global steel market megatrends – where will this decade take us?

    The global economy has experienced significant disruption in recent years due to multiple Black Swans, geopolitical fragmentation, and the acceleration of the energy transition. These factors reshape trade patterns and supply chains, alter consumer attitudes, and increase production costs in different regions. This session will analyse the major factors affecting the global steel industry, including the megatrends shaping the decade.

    Format: 10-12 min presentations + Q&A

    • How will the energy transition impact steel business?
    • To what extent will new technology shape the industry?
    • How can businesses respond to increasing fragmentation?
    • Is resource nationalism inevitable?
    • To what extent will the electric automotive industry’s role in steel consumption diminish?
    • How are changing consumer attitudes towards climate driving emissions reduction?
    • Will global overcapacity threaten the progress of decarbonisation investments?
  • 10:45-11:30

    ☕ Coffee Break ☕

  • 11:30-13:00

    Session 2: What’s driving the global scrap market? A look into trade, policy, technology & energy

    Amid the rapid socioeconomic change and uncertainty, business cycles in the steel industry are getting harder to predict and scrap suppliers are having to adapt. The Indian subcontinent is challenging Turkey’s seaborne scrap market dominance, while the growing trend of steelmaking electrification is threatening policy restrictions on scrap trade. Various scrap markets have meanwhile emerged as important global players due to significantly increased EAF capacity, including Bangladesh and Pakistan, as well as, more recently, Egypt. On the supply side, Australia has become a significant exporter. This session will examine the global scrap market's main challenges and opportunities.

    Format: 10-15 min presentations + Q&A

    • Are Turkish imports still the global scrap market maker?
    • Will China ramp up scrap imports? Will it ever enter the export market?
    • How is India’s increasing scrap import demand shaping the market?
    • How would global trade be affected by scrap export restrictions in the largest supplier, the EU?
    • How do increasing energy costs in some regions, including Turkey, impact scrap business?
    • How can technology advancements prepare scrap supply for future low-emission demand?
    • To what extent will steelmaking electrification change trade patterns?
    • What is the scope for Bangladesh and Pakistan scrap demand growth and impact on trade?
  • 13:00-14:30

    🍴 Lunch Break 🍴

  • 14:30-15:30

    Session 3: New trends in global scrap

    Steelmakers are increasingly looking to vertical integration, buying up scrap processors in order to ensure feedstock supply security at a time when scrap is becoming a critical resource. Various scrap markets are meanwhile emerging as major buyers and threatening to reconfigure long-established trade routes. To what extent are suppliers reorienting towards these markets? Does the prospect of closed-loop recycling present an opportunity or challenge for scrap suppliers? How are scrap suppliers adapting to low-emission requirements? This session will include a case study into why mills are finding it important to secure scrap expertise, as well as analysis of global scrap trade with a particular focus on new markets.

    Format: 10-15 min presentations + Q&A

    • Why are steelmakers investing into scrap and what is the outlook?
    • What are the prospects for scrap demand from the emerging buyers?
    • Which new scrap supplying markets can we expect to impact global trade?
    • What is the outlook for seaborne scrap trade amid decarbonisation?
  • 15:30-16:15

    ☕ Coffee Break ☕

  • 16:15-18:00

    Session 4: Where are scrap prices heading in 2024?

    Although scrap prices have declined towards the end of 2023 from their peak in March, and are nowhere near elevated 2021 levels, they remain above pre-Covid values. As EAF steelmaking share grows, there is an expectation that demand for scrap and therefore its prices will be pushed up. With Turkish mills suffering from competitiveness issues, Indian subcontinent demand carried the scrap market for much of 2023. Will this remain the case? This session will look at where prices are heading in 2024 and why.

    Format: Panel session

    • How did scrap prices chart over 2023 and where are they heading in 2024?
  • 17:30-19:30

    🍸 End & Cocktail reception 🍸


Steven Vercammen, Senior Expert, McKinsey & Company

Steven Vercammen is a senior expert in McKinsey & Company’s Belgium Office. Since he joined in 2004, he has worked on steel and steel value chain related projects (carbon and stainless steel). Whilst early on focusing on operational improvement, market analysis (supply/demand) and technical benchmarking, in recent years Steven has specialized in sustainability topics related to the steel industry. As part of the global steel industry dynamics knowledge, Steven is the global expert on steel metallics dynamics covering scrap supply, demand and pricing evolution and decarbonization. In addition, Steven is global research leader for steel and metals in general, responsible for proprietary knowledge assets linked to cost curves, demand, supply, capital markets and overall market dynamics. Prior to joining McKinsey, Steven worked at the KU Leuven university as the “science engineering technology” group manager responsible for research strategy, educational programs and day to day management of all support functions. Steven has obtained a PhD in materials engineering (steel) from the KU Leuven and obtained engineering masters diploma from the university of Ghent in Belgium

Alain Eeckman, Commercial Director, Casier Recycling

Alain has been working at Casier Recycling NV for the last 3 years. Casier Recycling is a recycling company, specialised in both non-ferrous and ferrous materials with a strong sourcing network in the industrial activities within Flanders, Belgium. After his studies (Master in Economic Sciences at Antwerp University), Alain joined the raw materials division of the Arbed Group, which later became Arcelor and ArcelorMittal. Alain was stationed in Brussels, later in Singapore where he joined the Group’s steel trading division and returned to Belgium 8 years later to join the logistics division. Alain subsequently joined an American company Tube City IMS, a provider of steel services, including scrap procurement for the Eastern European market, especially within the Czech Republic and Serbia. He later moved to Vienna, Austria to join FJ Elsner Trading as senior trader for raw materials. In 2018 Alain joined Casier Recycling in Belgium as commercial director with responsibilities on both the scrap sourcing as on the sales side.

Stanislav Zinchenko, CEO, GMK Center

Stanislav is the CEO GMK Center, Chair of the Committee for Environment and Sustainable Development of the European Business Association, President of CSCMP Ukraine Roundtable. Last 5 years provides consulting services for Ukrainian iron & steel companies in sustainability issues, supply chains, CAPEX policy, market analysis. Stanislav Zinchenko has 15-years experience in consulting for manufacturing companies. He has expertise in operational management and supply chains as a team leader, consultant and analyst in international projects in the field of entrepreneurship, operational efficiency and logistic infrastructure. Stanislav has an MA in International Economics at Kyiv National Economic University.

Salam Al Sharif, Founding Chairman, Recycling Association of Africa - RAA

Salam is a Civil and Metallurgical Engineer, graduated from Texas AGM University in 1984 and Executive MBA from Cambridge Massachusetts. He has a Doctorate degree in Business and Economic Sustainability from London. Dr. Salam AI-SHARIF has 37 years of experience in the Metals Recycling industry. His extensive hands-on experience has paved the way for Sharif Metals Group of Companies to achieve regional and global recognition. Advisory leadership of 4th generation. Presently the Founding Chairman of Recycling Association of Africa-RAA. He has held progressive positions at the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR); from a Board Member to Vice President and Chairman of the Ambassador's Committee. Also, he has served as President of the Bureau of Middle East Recycling (BMR) for 10 years, 3 years as Honorary Chairman, and now holds the position of Patron. Salam has frequently been invited as a 'Guest Speaker' in different prestigious local and international forums and conferences related to Metals, Recycling, Environment, Energy, and Sustainability. He has received several prestigious awards recognizing his enormous contribution towards the development of his industry, including the Best Recycling to the Middle East in 2017 and also Best Middle East Recycler in 2018, and 4 times Gold Winner in the Middle East Personality of the year award.

Sanjay Mehta, President, Material Recycling Association of India (Director, MTC Group)

Osman Tureyyen, General Manager, Metkim Metal

Osman graduated from the Technical University of Istanbul in 1987 as a metallurgical engineer. He worked in different companies till 2001, like Kibar Holding, Ekinciler Steel, Habas Steel and Stemcor. Osman established Metkim Metal in March 2001. In the past 21 years, Metkim has been working as sale agent for different companies like S Norton Co, UK, Theo Steel, Germany, Log-Met, Italy, Rad & Comm, Canada and some other companies, especially for steel scrap and non-ferrous cargoes for Turkish and Greek markets. Osman also markets such cargoes to Middle East countries since the growth in steel mills in this region in recent years.

Emrah Ugursal, Deputy General Manager, Bastug Metalurgy

Emrah is a seasoned professional in the steel foreign trade industry, currently serving as the Vice General Manager of Bastug Metallurgy. He holds a Master's degree in Economics from Dokuz Eylul University in Turkey and has almost 20 years of experience in the field. Emrah has worked in various export and import departments for top companies such as Ozkan Steel, Diler Holding, and Izmir Demir Celik (IDC). He oversees the import of steel scrap and raw materials and the export of end products like reinforcing bars and billets at Bastug Metallurgy. Emrah is known for his strong analytical skills, attention to detail, and ability to handle pressure. He plays a vital role in ensuring the company's import and export operations run efficiently and effectively while maintaining the highest quality and customer service standards.

Ali Sezen, Representative, Novek LLC

Ali has 40 years experience in the steel and raw materials sectors throughout Europe, African & Latin American, Ukraine and Russia including foreign trade, and logistics. He has extensive experience in iron & steel, energy, cement and food industries especially in exports from Ukraine, Russia and Turkey to several other countries. Ali's various companies have a combined yearly turnover of USD650 million.

Dr Tom Kirk, Founder & CEO, Foresight Data Machines

Dr Tom Kirk is Founder & CEO of Foresight Data Machines, who pair AI with physics to solve the most important control problems in electric steelmaking.

Deepak Bhandari, Chief Commercial Officer, Arabian Gulf Steel Industries

Gaku Ito, General Manager Sales, Tokyo Steel

Gaku is the general manager of sales department for Tokyo Steel Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the biggest Japanese electric-arc-furnace steel producer which makes both flats and beams. Tokyosteel has the top market share of H beams and the first company to produce hot rolled coils from scrap in Japan. Tokyosteel’s pricing of steel scrap is regarded as a market indicator in the world. Gaku is responsible for export sales at Tokyo headquarters. He has abundant experience especially in HRC trade with various areas such as North America, Europe, China and other Asian countries. Gaku is also in charge of sales development of flat products to promote of environmental-friendly green steel among Japanese steel consumers like global manufacturers. EAF steel is the first choice for steel users towards Carbon Neutrality. The company has the technology to recycle obsolete-scraps to high quality steel sheets, Tokyosteel has a clear vision to expand the capacity. 

Marcel Genet, Founder and President, Laplace Conseil


Marcel is the founder and Managing Director of Laplace Conseil, an independent management consultancy firm he created in 1995, specialised in international strategy consulting for the metals, minerals and recycling industries. He has conducted numerous missions for the iron and steel industries as well as non-ferrous, scrap, and mineral companies, in Europe and abroad, in the areas of globalisation, merger and acquisition, restructuring, risk management and performance improvement. In most of his work, Marcel helps CEO’s and top executives anticipate, react to, and deal with the evolutions of the global scene such as technology innovation, China emergence, international competitiveness, prices and profits volatility. Today, Marcel is particularly helping his clients to assess the impact and opportunities for the steel and metal industries created by Climate Change and its necessary adaptations. Prior to Laplace Conseil, Marcel was a consultant for 15 years with McKinsey & Company where he became the senior partner in charge of the Firm’s worldwide steel practice. Marcel holds an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and an MSc in electrical engineering from the University of Liège.

Previous Attendees

Browse the lists below to see last years conference attendees.

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International Steel Scrap 2022 Attendees

Company Position Country
Akcelik Iron and Steel Inc. General Manager Turkey
Arcelik Purchasing Manager Turkey
ArcelorMittal Research Engineer Spain
ArcelorMittal Brasil Analyst Brazil
Astex Chief procurement officer Ukraine
AV Center Deputy Director Ukraine
Bahrain Steel Acting General Manager - R. M. Bahrain
Bahrain Steel Deputy General Manager - S. & M. Bahrain
Bahrain Steel General Manager - S. & M. Bahrain
Better Deals Managing Director Pakistan
Borcelik Strategy and Marketing Unit Manager Turkey
Borcelik Marketing Specialist Turkey
Borcelik Sales Representative Turkey
Borcelik Sales Representative Turkey
Borcelik Scrap and Packaging Sales Unit Manager Turkey
Borusan Mannesmann Board Member Turkey
Casier Recycling N.V. Commercial Director Belgium
Cetin Civata Chairman of the Board Turkey
CL GRUPO INDUSTRIAL (Steel Division) Supply Chain Director Spain
Colakoglu Metalurji Purchasing Director Turkey
Colakoglu Metalurji Purchasing Manager - Raw Materials Turkey
Colakoglu Metalurji Purchasing Supervisor – Raw Materials Turkey
Colakoglu Metalurji CEO Turkey
Commercial Metals Company Director Poland
Demir Celik Store Marketing Manager Turkey
Dido Shipping Co. SA Manager Greece
Diler Dis Ticaret Board Member Turkey
Dillinger Coordinator Transformation Technologies Germany
Ekinciler Iron and Steel Co. Executive Board Member Turkey
Emirates Steel Industrial Analyst United Arab Emirates
Erciyas Celik Boru San. A.Ş. President Turkey
Erdemir Marketing & Sales Director Turkey
Erdemir Pricing Manager Turkey
Erdemir Pricing Specialist Turkey
Fabrication of steel structures Private entrepreneur Ukraine
Ferrexpo Head of Sales Europe, External Relations Executive Ukraine
Ferros La Pobla Manager Spain
GAC Group Group Senior Marketing Manager Greece
Gerdau Market Intelligence Specialist Brazil
German TMX Director India
GMK Center CEO Ukraine
GMK Center Chief Analyst Ukraine
GrafTech International
Grupo WEC Purchasing Director Spain
HATKO A.Ş. Raw Materials Director Turkey
Head of CSR projects Ferrexpo Ukraine
Icdas Celik Enerji Tersane ve Ulas?m A.S. Turkey
İÇDAŞ Dis Ticaret A.Ş Chairman Turkey
Japan Metal Daily Chief Investigator for steel scrap Japan
Jindal Stainless (hisar) Ltd. AGM Raw Materials India
Kallanish Journalist Turkey
Kallanish Journalist
Kallanish Sales Manager - MENA & Eastern Europe Bulgaria
Kallanish Events Director India
Kallanish Asia Editor and Head of Data United Kingdom
Kallanish Event Marketing Executive United Kingdom
Kallanish Director United Kingdom
Kallanish Consulting Services Consultant Singapore
Kardemir Chief Financial Officer Turkey
Kardemir Purchasing Manager Turkey
Kardokmak Kardemir General Manager Turkey
Khatib Sons International Managing Partner Pakistan
Kibar dis ticaret a.s. Board Member and General Manager Turkey
KOC METALURJI A.Ş. Foreign Trade Manager Turkey
Kroman Celik Board Member Turkey
Kuwait Steel Deputy Manager - Strategic Sourcing Kuwait
Kuwait Steel Deputy Chief Executive Officer Kuwait
Linkas Steel Managing Partner Turkey
Linkas Steel Trade Manager Turkey
Link Inspection Expertise Services Co. Ltd. Operations Director Turkey
LMS Reinforcing Steel Group Commodity Manager United States
Material Recycling Association of India (Director, MTC Group) President India
Mescier Foreign Trade Operations Manager Turkey
Mescier Deputy Board of Directors Turkey
Metinvest CSR manager Ukraine
Metinvest-SMC Head of Projects Ukraine
Metinvest-SMC Manager Ukraine
Metkim General Manager Turkey
METKIM Sales Manager Turkey
Mitsubishi Corporation GM, Industrial Material Group United Arab Emirates
MMK Procurement Manager Turkey
Moinuddin corporation Bangladesh
MTC Group Senior Manager India
Nikel Paslanmaz Çelik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.. Director Turkey
Novek LLC Representative Turkey
Novek LLC Sales United States Minor Outlying Islands
NV Bekaert SA Regional Category Manager Wire Rod ERMEA Belgium
PJSC ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih Marketing Specialist Ukraine
PJSC ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih Ukraine
PJSC ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih Ukraine
PJSC ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih Head of Marketing Ukraine
PT Citra Baru Steel PA of Director Indonesia
Ramada Aços Product Manager Portugal
Recuperaciones Criado Manager Spain
R.G.GUPTA & CO. India
Sami Soybas Steel Industry & Trade Vice President Turkey
Sami Soybas Steel Industry & Trade Partner & Export Manager Turkey
Sidenor Aceros Especiales SL Metallics Purchasing Manager Spain
SSY Consultancy & Research Senior Director United Kingdom
Tata Steel Sourcing Manager Scrap Netherlands
Tata Steel Process technologist Netherlands
TCUD - Turkish Iron and Steel Producers Association Secretary General Turkey
Tekko Shimbun Corp (Japan Metal Daily) Chief Investigator Overseas Marketing Japan
Tezcan Galvaniz Commercial Director Turkey
Tokyo Steel General Manager, Sales Japan
Tokyo Steel Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. Sales Manager Japan
Tokyo Steel Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. President Japan
Tokyo Steel Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. Excecutive Officer Japan
Tokyo Steel Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. Director Japan
Tokyo Steel Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. Excecutive Officer Japan
Tokyo Steel Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. General Manager Japan
Tokyo Steel Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. Assistant Manager Japan
Tokyo Steel Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. Excecutive Officer Japan
Turkish Steel Exporters' Association (CIB) Materials Engineer Turkey
Turkish Steel Exporters' Association (CIB) Market Research Analyst Turkey
UBTA Director Ukraine
UKRDIPROVAGMASH Lead Technologist Ukraine
UkrFA Deputy executive director Ukraine
UkrFA Executive Director Ukraine
Ukrmetallurgprom Vice-President Ukraine
Ukrmetallurgprom President Ukraine
Vale Account Manager United Arab Emirates
Vale International Account Manager (Middle East & Malaysia) United Arab Emirates
VALE International SA DUBAI Iron Ore Sales United Arab Emirates
Varrsana Steel Senior Director India
Welspun Corp Senior Manager India
World Steel Association Director Turkey
Yametas A.S. Director Turkey
Yildiz Demir Celik Export Sales Manager Turkey
Yildiz Demir Celik A.S. Deputy General Manager of Commercial Turkey

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International Steel Scrap 2021 Virtual Conference Attendees

Company Position Country
ABS - Acciaierie Bertoli Safau S.p.A. Scrap & Semis Purchasing Manager Italy
ArcelorMittal Luxembourg
ArcelorMittal Europe Flat Head of Operational Marketing Luxembourg
Asil Celik Purchasing manager Turkey
Asil celik AS External Purchasing Specialist Turkey
Asil Celik AS ‎Import Purchasing Specialist Turkey
Belgian Scrap Terminal NV Owner Belgium
Belgian Scrap Terminal NV CEO Belgium
British Steel Head of Marketing United Kingdom
Carmeuse Global Steel Market Manager United Kingdom
Casier Recycling N.V. Commercial Director Belgium
CIB - Turkish Steel Exporters Association Market Analyst Turkey
CL GRUPO INDUSTRIAL (Steel Division) Supply Chain Director Spain
CNMR ltd. Director United Kingdom
Colakoglu Metalurji Purchasing Manager - Raw Materials Turkey
Colakoglu Metalurji Purchasing Director Turkey
Dillinger Middle East FZE Managing Director United Arab Emirates
Ecore Ferrous Trader Switzerland
Ecore / GDE Commercial Agent Turkey
Emirates steel Chief Technical Services & Project Officer United Arab Emirates
European Metal Recycling GmbH Sales Director Switzerland
Exiros Market Intelligence Analyst Uruguay
Ferme International Trade Sales Manager Turkey
FUBAO Chief researcher China
Galloo Chief Commercial Officer Belgium
Gerdau Director of Raw Materials and Forests Brazil
GrafTech International VP Marketing & Business Development Switzerland
Grupo WEC Supply Chain Manager Spain
Hadeed Market Intelligence Saudi Arabia
Hander Metal Turkey
HATKO A.Ş. Raw Materials Director Turkey
HJHansen Recycling Industry Ltd. CEO Denmark
HMY Yudigar Purchasing Manager Spain
Hoffman Iron and Steel Chairman United States
ILK-SAN Ltd. Sti. Trader Turkey
International Iron Metallics Association Secretary General United Kingdom
International Iron Metallics Association c/o Papillon Mineral Services Ltd MD United Kingdom
Jacquet Metal Service Chief Purchasing Officer France
Jame Tejarat Co. CEO Iran
JFE Shoji Corporation Manager, Processed Ferrous Materials Section Japan
JFE Steel Corporation Principal - Global Business Planning Development Japan
JFE Steel Corporation Manager, Metallic Materials Section & Processes Ferrous Materials Section Raw Materials Dept.Ⅱ Japan
JTC Business Development Director Iran
Kallanish Director United Kingdom
Kallanish Editor United Kingdom
Kallanish United Kingdom
Kallanish Senior Reporter Europe France
Kallanish Journalist Germany
Kallanish Sales Manager Singapore
Kallanish CEO United Kingdom
Kallanish Managing Editor North America United States
Kallanish Global Editor
Kallanish Bulgaria
Kallanish Business Development Germany
Kallanish Sales Manager Spain
Kallanish Editor Southern Europe
Kallanish Senior analyst
Kallanish Sales
Kallanish Senior analyst
Kallanish Event Marketing Executive United Kingdom
Kallanish Journalist
Kallanish Asia Editor and Head of Data United Kingdom
Kallanish Events Director India
Kallanish Commodities Global Head of Subscriptions & Advertising United Kingdom
Kallanish Consulting Services Consultant Singapore
Kallanish Europe Sofia Germany & Russia Journalist Bulgaria
LEYAL Group Manager Greece
Link Inspection Expertise Services Co. Ltd. Operations Director Turkey
LME VP Sales United Kingdom
LMS Reinforcing Steel Group Commodity Manager United States
MANEKS Dis Ticaret Business Development Turkey
MEsteel Consultant United Arab Emirates
MESteel Manager United Arab Emirates
Metacore Dis Ticaret Owner Turkey
NASS Director General United Kingdom
NASS United Kingdom
NASS Office & Events Manager United Kingdom
Pandrol Commodity Manager United Kingdom
Port of Rotterdam Business Manager Dry Bulk Netherlands
Rating Agency Rusmet Assistant manager Russia
Reuters Manager
Rio Tinto Senior Analyst, Market Analysis, Steel & Raw Materials India
Rio Tinto Analyst Singapore
Roger Emmott Associates Limited Managing Director United Kingdom
Rusmet Russia
Saad Bioenergy CEO Brazil
Saarstahl Market Research Germany
Sabic Analyst, LP Marketing Saudi Arabia
Sabic Senior Manager Saudi Arabia
SABIC Specialist, FP Marketing Flat Products Saudi Arabia
Sidenor Aceros Especiales SL Metallics Purchasing Manager Spain
SSAB EMEA AB Project Manager Sweden
SSAB Europe Oy Manager Finland
SSY Consultancy & Research Senior Director United Kingdom
SteelData Business Development Manager Turkey
Suelzle Gruppe Germany
Sumitomo Corporation Global Metals Co., Ltd. Manager - International Steel Sheet Business Dep. / Steel Sheet International Trade Japan
Tata Steel (Thailand) Public Company Limited President & CEO Thailand
TCUD - Turkish Iron and Steel Producers Association Secretary General Turkey
Tekko Shimbun Corp (Japan Metal Daily) Chief Investigator Overseas Marketing Japan
Turkish Steel Exporters' Association (CIB) Market Research Analyst Turkey
Union de Almacenistas de Hierros de España - UAHE Spain
Universal Metal Coating Company (UNICOIL) General Manager - Commercial Operations Saudi Arabia
Universal Metal Coating Company (UNICOIL) Marketing Manager Saudi Arabia
VOGEL Stahl B.V. Price Analyst Germany
Welcome Trading Co Pte Ltd Director Singapore
Witte van Moort BV CEO Netherlands
Wo Lee Steel Co., Ltd CEO Hong Kong
Wood Mackenzie Principal Consultant United States

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Event info

Industry None

Date Feb. 8, 2024

Duration 1 day

Location Istanbul, Turkey

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