Vistra says it has brought online the biggest battery energy storage system of its kind in Texas, Kallanish reports.

The DeCordova Energy Storage Facility in Granbury, Texas, is online and storing electricity in the ERCOT grid in time for another hot Texas summer, the Texas-based company says. The $100 million facility in Hood County near Fort Worth, Texas, provides 260-megawatts of storage capacity with dispatchable, instant-start, emissions-free power.

It is the second of seven zero-emissions projects planned in Texas by Vistra in the next few years with a price tag of about $1 billion. A third project is scheduled for completion soon. That will bring the company’s zero-carbon portfolio to nearly 3,000 MW online with plans to grow that to more than 7,300 MW by 2026.

The DeCordova plant is comprised of more than 3,000 individual battery modules that can store enough electricity to power 130,000 average Texas homes during normal grid conditions. It relies on lithium-ion technology. The batteries capture excess electricity from the grid, primarily overnight during high-wind output hours, and can release the power when customer demand is the highest, the company says.