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Green Steel Strategies 2023

Steel Jan. 26, 2023 1 day


Hybrid Conference

Kallanish will host its Green Steel Strategies 2023 Conference both in-person and virtually. Further details released soon!


Key Questions

  • What are the latest global steel emissions and decarbonisation targets?
  • What is green steel and how can this be measured and accredited fairly?
  • What does sustainable decarbonisation mean for the global steel supply chain?
  • Who will be the winners and losers in the drive for zero emissions?
  • What emission-reducing technologies are currently available to the steel industry?
  • What is the timeline for new zero-emission steelmaking technologies?
  • How will skyrocketing energy costs impact decarbonisation ambitions?
  • What role will blue hydrogen play in the transition?
  • What lessons can be learned from other industrial sectors’ adoption of hydrogen?
  • Can green hydrogen be the energy saviour for the steel industry?
  • What is the timescale and cost for industrial-scale supply of green hydrogen?
  • To what extent can existing natural gas infrastructure be repurposed for use with hydrogen?
  • How viable is CCSU as a long-term strategy for the steel industry?
  • How can steel mills deal with the intermittence of renewables power?
  • Are on-site renewables power generation and battery storage a viable solution for steelmaking?
  • How important will scrap supply become for the industry’s decarbonisation targets?
  • How important are DRI and HBI in the steel decarbonisation transition?
  • How will DR-grade pellet shortages be overcome to feed sufficient green DRI production?
  • Which production routes have advantages in the decarbonisation roadmap?
  • How are scope-1 emissions being reduced in iron ore mining and processing stages?
  • Are we likely to see greater scrap and raw material resource nationalism?
  • What policy and regulatory support is required in the transition to zero emissions?
  • To what extent could trade flows change as a result of policy and regulation?
  • How can the EU adjust CBAM to take into account exports?
  •  What carbon trading mechanisms are in place now to support decarbonisation investments?
  • How important is sustainability to the availability of finance?
  • To what extent do carbon emissions impact steel investment ratings?
  • What carbon trading strategies exist to support steel companies?
  • How effective is Blockchain and supply-chain digitalisation in measuring scope-3 emissions?
  • To what extent is steel end-user demand driving decarbonisation change in the supply chain?
  • What are the costs and limitations to the various decarbonisation strategies being developed?
  • What are the costs of not implementing decarbonisation strategies?



Our dedicated virtual networking platform will enable you to engage in face to face meetings, send messages and contact requests and schedule meetings in advance with industry peers expected to attend the conference.

  • Engage - Face to face meetings in our virtual networking room with groups of up to 15
  • Find - Search our list of attendees
  • Message - Chat, discuss and organise meetings with fellow industry peers and potential partners
  • Discuss - Post your thoughts onto the discussion board to see what others are thinking about the conference sessions
  • Join - Join and organise group meetings at the touch of a button
  • Support - The Kallanish team is on hand help you with these tools

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Sponsoring a virtual conference, such as Green Steel Strategies 2023, is a great opportunity to showcase your brand to a group of diverse and engaged event attendees. Take this opportunity to position yourself as an industry leader and showcase your brand, products and services to the global steel community.

  • Launch your products and showcase your latest innovations
  • Gain global exposure - more important than ever!
  • Converse, collaborate, and connect using our easy to use and intuitive networking tools
  • Align your brand with this must attend event and be seen as a knowledge leader

We have designed two sponsorship packages, Gold and Silver. We'll be happy to explain more about the benefits of each package and how sponsoring an online event can propell your brand to the forefront of the industry!

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